Key Events

Key events in Sergio’s life

4 November 1943: Born in Lugano in the canton of Tessin (Italian-speaking Switzerland). 

1959: Begins work

1963: Sergio joins the National Secretariat of the Swiss YCW in Geneva.

1969: Elected as European YCW Secretary and as a member of the Executive Committee of the International YCW in Brussels.

30 October 1971: Marries Denise.

17 mars 1974: Birth of Barbara.

1975: Sergio is elected Treasurer of the IYCW at the International Council of Linz. He continues in this post until 1977.

10 October 1976: Birth of Nicoletta. 

Summer 1977: Sergio returns to Geneva and works at the Swiss Government Retirement Fund.

Summer 1978: Mission to South Africa as part of the solidarity campaign with the South African YCW. 

Late 1983: Asked by the Catholic Committee against Famine and for Development (CCFD) in Paris to take charge of partnership relationships with Asia-Pacific, a task he filled for eleven years.

1994: Sergio becomes Director of the Centre Lebret in Paris. He continues to build relations with people and organisations from around the world.

2007: Sergio retires but still devotes part of his time to the Centre Lebret.

30 July 2009: Death from a cancer that overcame him in the space of a few months.